Curriculum Takes Center Stage

Reber Center for the Performing Arts Renovation at Lyons Township High School North Campus

The existing North Building, portions of which date back to 1899, was cramped and dark. In the dated, heavily-used Reber Center for the Performing Arts, the HVAC system was loud and caused vibration. As a result, the new performing arts design was comprehensive.

Performing Arts Design brings 19th century structure into the 21st century

The performing arts design solution created agile spaces that are collaborative in nature, while still meeting the goals of the curriculum. As a result, the Auditorium is now a multi-purpose space where classes, after school activities, and community events are held.
The original orchestra pit built in the 1920s was exposed and is back in use. The aesthetics were modernized, acoustics were improved, and the HVAC system was replaced.
Designed for today’s learners, students in this 1-1 school now have Wi-Fi access points throughout. The connectivity also makes the space a testing center for digital assessments like the PARCC exam.
Multiple monitors in the classroom adjacent to the auditorium have a closed circuit feed that can play live events being broadcast from the auditorium. As a result, the space now serves as overflow for popular performances or crowded events like graduation.

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