What is Form Follows Learning?

Our philosophy is “Form Follows Learning.” We believe that our client’s educational philosophy should guide the design in a direction that allows the architectural fabric of the building to inspire learning.

We challenge our clients through DLA’s customized 21st Century Educational Design Process in order to create designs that not only meet current needs, but enable clients to forecast and prepare for their future.

We listen

Our clients rave about how we translate their vision and brand into the designs and engage end users to create a more functional space

We focus on the details

Our clients say “I can plan without worrying” and appreciate that there are “No surprises”

We're your Partner

Our clients work directly with a DLA Partner providing a “High level of expertise on our project” and they say this means “I have someone who can make things happen”

We look forward

Our clients declare that we’re “Visionary,” “differentiating us from others [in our industry]”

We're here for you

Our clients say they appreciate that we are “accessible” and “respond quickly – hours not days”

We solve problems

Our clients express that we “solve challenging problems,” offer up “things we hadn’t thought of” and “manage all aspects of the project – simplify my life”