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Design transforms a working Content Production Facility

An existing column grid and two large diagonal supports dominated the 12,000 square foot storage space prior to the new content production facility design. Transforming this space into the desired open plan concept meant dedicating the largest portion of the space to employee desks in the front portion of the plan, with the remainder becoming private offices, recording spaces, conference room, kitchen facilities, toilet rooms and technology support.

The existing clerestory-height windows along a portion of the north and the entire east exposures bring natural light deep into the space. Enclosed spaces are banked along the west wall and non-windowed portion of the north wall. These enclosed spaces include editing suites, sound recording studios, a visual recording studio, toilets, kitchen and server space.

Private offices are stacked along the east and west walls with interior partitions set to varying heights. The glass partition walls throughout the space not only add to the contemporary look, they allow natural light to pass over the top and deeper into the floor plate as well as through the offices themselves.

Open office plan to encourage collaboration and creativity. Departments are separated by visual components such as the cross beams.
Sound Control Booth
Open office plan to encourage collaboration and creativity.

Defining the Space

The cross beam support became the central focus of the space serving not only as the point about which the rest of the plan radiated but also “enclosing” a department. Writable paint was used on at least one wall in each office and department to allow for greater collaboration on a more flexible and larger surface.  “Clouds” of acoustical ceiling tiles were used to mitigate any noise issues that might be expected in an open plan and further define department work spaces.

Energy Efficient Television Production Facility Design

In order to comply with the local energy code and still allow for specialty broadcast lighting and equipment demands, LED fixtures with dimming capabilities were installed throughout a majority of the space.  Water conserving plumbing fixtures were also installed in both new and remodeled locations.

A convenient and inviting cafeteria was a major component of this office design.
Flexible Video Recording Studio
Dedicated Server Room
The acoustically isolated Audio Recording Studio allows staff to create crisp recordings with their existing equipment.

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