Eric S. Sickbert, AIA


Eric S. Sickbert, AIA, embodies the essence of DLA Architects’ commitment to pioneering educational spaces that inspire and engage learners across the globe. He is a seasoned architect that holds multiple vital roles including Principal, Chief Financial Officer, and Director of Operations. Eric is responsible for the firm’s overall financial management, ensuring transparency and effective financial reporting. Additionally, he oversees critical functions such as Information Systems and Human Resources.

Eric’s contributions to DLA Architects extend beyond his operational roles. He is a reservoir of knowledge in school design and construction, generously sharing his insights with both colleagues and clients. This open exchange of ideas is emblematic of DLA Architects’ client-oriented philosophy, fostering partnerships that are built on trust, mutual respect, and a shared goal of creating impactful learning spaces.

With rich experience spanning over three decades, Eric has been at the forefront of designing and implementing educational facilities that cater to the evolving needs of school districts. His expertise encompasses a vast spectrum of projects, from large-scale construction projects exceeding $90 million to smaller renovations. This versatility underscores Eric’s comprehensive understanding of the educational landscape and his unwavering dedication to enriching learning environments.

Beyond the job site and construction meetings, Eric’s zest for life shines through his love for the great outdoors. An avid camper, backpacker, and off-roading enthusiast, Eric finds balance in the serenity of nature, driving his Jeep Wrangler through uncharted terrains. This adventurous spirit reflects the dynamic and versatile personality that Eric brings to every project, embodying DLA Architects’ core values of being good humans, future-thinking, collaborative, and having fun along the way.


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  • Backpacking
  • Chicago Cubs
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Inspiring Learning Everywhere
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Eric Sickbert

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