Unwrapping the Inspiration Behind (and Answers to) This Year’s Festive Fun

In a year where we’re celebrating four decades of architectural excellence, the team at DLA has been swept up in a wave of nostalgia. Spanning across different generations, some of us were just starting their architectural career in the 1980s, while others were children, lost in the world of Saturday morning cartoons and crossword puzzles. A significant number of us weren’t even born yet, relying on the tales and anecdotes shared by our parents or [gulp] our grandparents.

This collective sentiment, a blend of personal memories and shared stories, found its way into the very core of our holiday card design this year. It’s not just a festive greeting but also a celebration of the people that make DLA unique.

When crafting the clues for our holiday crossword puzzle, we aimed for a delicate balance—challenging, yet accessible. We carefully avoided any clues too deeply entrenched in “institutional knowledge”, opting instead for a mix of our team, general architectural terms, and winter holiday pop culture references.

We hope you relished this playful diversion as much as we enjoyed creating it. Ready to check your answers? Simply scroll down.

As always, from all of us at DLA, we extend the warmest of wishes this holiday season. May it be filled with joy, laughter, and plenty of festive fun.