About DLA Architects

Back in 1983, Bruce Dahlquist and Dwain Lutzow joined their families for dinner. As the evening progressed, the lively conversation moved from the upcoming summer release of Return of the Jedi and that new TV show, The A-Team, to the lofty topic of Great Architecture. Here at the dinner table, in the company of friends, is where the keystone of our firm was set.

The two founding partners agreed that Great Architecture can’t be pinned down – it’s different every time because it’s always all about the client, whoever they are. Great Architecture doesn’t just come from someone in a black turtleneck and frameless glasses with an ego bigger than the building; it comes from someone who can roll up their sleeves, get over themselves, and know their client.

Since then, we’ve grown to be one of the most successful school design firms in the nation.

What we do

Here at DLA Architects, our manifesto is Form Follows Learning.

We design schools. Each one is different and absolutely not about us. We hope that the spaces are tailored to how they are used.

We try to look at your school’s needs and aspirations as well as your school’s style and culture. We try to design the building to reflect you, and we try to design the building to make learning easier.

What is architecture?

Ask an architect and they’re bound to get philosophical.

But, when it comes down to it, architecture is the design of the built environment. You can see it in your home, at your school, and when you go to the mall or to the movies. It’s all around you.

Architects figure out how many classrooms can fit in an area. Architects figure out where the walls go and work with engineers to make sure they support the roof. They figure out how many exits are needed and where they should be located. In short, architects solve building puzzles and “quarterback” the design of built environments.