Scholarship Application

Scholarship applicants agree to the use of their names, likenesses & video submission for advertising & promotional purposes of DLA Architects, Ltd. without further compensation or notification.

Scholarship applicants represent that the submission is original and that the applicant owns all rights to recording and performance submitted. If other persons (name, image, voice) appear in the submission, the applicant has obtained permission from each person.

I certify that the information on this application is true & correct to the best of my knowledge as evidenced by this submission. I understand that all information contained on this application is subject to verification by DLA Architects, Ltd. and that false information or violation of You Tube Terms of Use or Privacy Policies will lead to disqualification.

The 2024 Deadline is April 9th

If you are a 2024 senior, attend one of the participating schools and want to try and win the THINK [about architecture] Scholarship, you need to do the following:

  1. Pick the space(s) you are going to “think” about
  2. Create your YouTube video
    a. Use a digital camera, phone or camcorder to create your masterpiece. As long as it’s compatible with YouTube, any format is fine.
    b. THINK [about architecture]: tell us how (where) you are learning this year and how the architecture of your environment affected your learning.
    c. Keep it short! Think 3 minutes maximum, but around 2 minutes is the sweet spot.
    d. Please avoid filming any copyrighted material such as music, logos, etc. If you have any questions on this, visit the YouTube Copyright Center webpage.
    e. Please avoid saying your last name in your video.
  3. Register and then upload your video on YouTube. If you are not already, create a free user account at YouTube. You’ll need this to submit your video.
  4. Using the online scholarship submission form, submit the required information including the video URL of your submission before APRIL 3rd, 2023. Your video will be screened for content and added as a favorite to the DLA Architects’ YouTube Channel and this year’s Scholarship Playlist. A profile page will be created for you on the THINK [about architecture] Scholarship homepage for you to share with friends and family to increase views of your entry.
  5. Spread the word and tell your friends! The view count and ratings of your submission will be taken into consideration by the judges.

*under the age of 18? If so, please print the Scholarship Application form to have signed by your legal guardian and follow submission instructions on the form.