Scholarship entry from:

Lily Butler

Oak Lawn Community High School

School District 229

Hello, My name is Lily Butler and I attend Oak Lawn Community High School. Having a good working environment always helps me reach my goals and feel like I did assignments the best I could. I always get the most work done in a quiet environment. It doesn’t have to be completely silent but it’s hard for me to get work done when it is loud in a room. The environment at Oak Lawn always is a good place for me to be able to get my work done. It’s never too loud or noisy when we have time to work on assignments during class which helps with my productivity. I also find that I work better in natural light rather than other light. I like when the windows are open and it’s letting in the sun because I feel more productive. With the natural light in it makes me happier which then helps me focus on my work and helps me get it done.

I think the furniture at my school is very comfortable to work in. Our chairs also roll around so if I have a question for someone at another table it is easy to ask them it. The furniture has enough room for everything I need to have out on my desk and isn’t overcrowded. We also have a media center which is a good place to get work done and focus at. It’s normally pretty quiet there and they have comfy chairs which help me focus on my work and be productive with what I need to get done. The classroom layouts help use technology because the teachers give lessons on their projector boards and the desks are set up in a way that you can easily see it from anywhere in the room so no matter where you are you are able to see the lesson and take notes.