Scholarship entry from:

Riley Kline

South Elgin High School

School District U-46

My name is Riley Kline and I attend South Elgin High School.  I would consider my high school to have a very simplistic nature to its architecture.  While I am someone who appreciates the many different beautiful architectural buildings and structures, I have grown to love the modern building I spend so much time in.  Being in AP and high honors classes all throughout high school has been a hectic experience for me.  However, I love to challenge myself and wouldn’t have it any other way.  With this being said, I would be lying if I said it has been nothing but easy.

All the complexities within my learning have caused me to be thankful for this easy to navigate school.  South Elgin is laid out in a rectangular format.  With the gym being to the very right, the auditorium to the very left, and everything else in between.  As an incoming freshman I was worried about being able to find my classes.  From the first step into the building I realized it would be a lot easier than anticipated.  As someone who has witnessed skyscrapers in Chicago, Spaniard architecture in Santa Barbara, and 16th century buildings in San Juan I would genuinely expect myself to ultimately find my high school dull.  But in reality the neutral colored open brick school has nothing but helped facilitate my learning.

One specific location I found myself spending lots of time in, is the library.  The library was recently remodeled right before I began attending South Elgin.  At my school, you are allowed to spend your study hall or lunch period in the library.  Personally, I like to get as much done as possible in school so that outside of school I can experience all of the different complexities. Therefore, I spend lots of time in this library.

While this library is nowhere near the Central Library in New York or even the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Library in Egypt, I highly appreciate the open space.  Laying out my school work on the table and having a clean open space allows me to feel very comfortable and neat.  The back facing walls filled with nothing but windows allows me to feel the sun rays coming in and look out at the green open fields behind my school.  I would consider this to be the perfect environment to get stuff done in.  As my life progresses I wish to visit many different amazing places filled with a diverse range of architecture, but for the time being, I appreciate the modern and simplistic High School where I have gained so much of my knowledge from.