Scholarship entry from:

Aliza G. Salinas-Cervantes

Mendota High School

Mendota Township High School District 280

Mendota High School has been a building that I have spent numerous hours in the past
four years. I participate in numerous clubs, sports, and the school band. Between school,
practice, meetings, and rehearsals, I am in the building for at least nine hours a day. The school
building has become a second home to me over the course of these past years because of
numerous hours I have spent there. I have built familiarity and a connection with the school
building over the years. My favorite part of the building at Mendota High School is by far the
media center. When a student first walks into Mendota High School, they are welcomed with a
comforting place, the media center. The media center’s architecture is very unique in comparison
to other schools. The media center at Mendota High School houses books, computers, a math
tutor station, and the technology room. It is the ideal place to study and complete homework with
friends or alone because it provides a place of comfort.

As I walk into the media center the first thing I notice is the comforting atmosphere. The
media center is filled with couches and chairs that kindly welcome students in. After a long
school day, it is rewarding to sit comfortably with friends in the media center and complete
homework before practice and rehearsals. It is a place that allows all students to freely talk and
collaborate with one another. Additionally, the media center provides outside scenery with its
window paneling as a wall. The window paneling brightens the hallways with light and nature. I
find enjoyment in being able to see outside because it does not make me feel confined in the
school building. In short, I find the media center to be most comforting because the architecture
behind it creates an opportunity for it to be a comforting and a second home to several students
with its couches, academic resources, view of nature.