Scholarship Overview

The DLA Architects, Ltd. THINK [about architecture] SCHOLARSHIP is an opportunity for talented graduating students to demonstrate the role that architecture plays in their lives. The specific purpose of the scholarship is:

  • to promote an understanding of the built environment and how people interact with it, especially schools;
  • to foster a genuine interest in the societal value of architecture as an art form and an enhancement to the general quality of life; and
  • to encourage high school students to pursue higher education, especially in architecture.

At DLA Architects, we don’t only see the THINK [about architecture] Scholarship as a competition, but also as a learning experience all around. We hope that by participating, students learn to look at the built environment around them and think about why things are done the way they are and how these decisions affect everyone who uses the building or grounds. The social aspect of the competition, we hope, empowers students to get other people to think about architecture, too.

Candidates participate by submitting a creative video response to show us how they interact with our design and demonstrate what the space makes possible.

Each year sees slight modifications to the school’s that the scholarship is offered at. Is yours on the list? Take a look!
See this year’s rules and availability at:

The judging committee is composed of individuals with different backgrounds and specialties; some will be familiar with the area the student discusses and others will never have seen it. The submission should assume that the person viewing the video is unfamiliar with the space and tell them about the space itself and how it affects learning.

Recent News

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Recently my partners and I voted Carrie into the position of president of the firm. She is an architect who sees how the smallest of elements add up to the whole.
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Co-founder and President Bruce Dahlquist celebrates retirement

Founding partner Bruce Dahlquist retired on February 14th, the firm’s 34th anniversary.
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Student design input shapes new collaboration space at Lake Zurich High School

Student design input shapes new collaboration space at Lake Zurich High School

Dynamic, coffeehouse-style lounge shaped by student design input will empower kids to collaborate on projects and learn from each other.
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