DLA receives an Outstanding Project Award for the New Early Learning Center

The New Early Learning Center has been recognized as an award-winning benchmark facility for its incorporation of next generation learning space design and planning methodologies. The built environment characteristics found in this project are worthy of replication by other educators and design professionals creating learning spaces.

All awarded entries in the Fall 2022 awards edition of LEARNING BY DESIGN magazine (LBD) have been peer­ reviewed by a jury of seven endorsed AIA-CAE, A4LE and LBD education design professionals.

All awards program entries such as the New Early Learning Center are scored on six submission criteria:

  • Innovation
  • Community Needs
  • Interior Design
  • Sustainability
  • Functional Design
  • Next Generation Learning

The judges determine each project worthiness, unique qualities, and the architectural design and planning concepts that were successfully implemented related to pedagogy and community wellbeing. LEARNING BY DESIGN’s jury of peer-based education architectural design experts applauded DLA Architects for its accomplishment in designing the New Early Learning Center in meeting or exceed the majority of the six submission criteria.

The New Early Learning Center will be featured in the print and digital version of the October 2022 edition LEARNING BY DESIGN Magazine. The magazine reaches more than 50,000 professionals at all levels of education and facility design-from early childhood and elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, combined grade-level schools, career-vocational Education centers, and two and four-year institutions of higher education throughout the United States.

New Early Learning Center -

Learning By Design Jury
“The integration of maker, fitness, tinker and innovative thinking spaces at the center of the school and along the length of the main hallway for visible and direct access to students throughout the day. The playfulness in the project is completely appropriate for students and builds a fun and engaging community for learners. The work done by the team to reduce energy use in the building is admirable as is the use of biophilic principles throughout the school.”