Don’t miss Business Ledger Newsmakers’ Forum on Energy Efficiency

DLA Architects helps clients create energy efficient spaces.Here at DLA we’re always looking for ways to save our clients’ money – both during a project and through the life of their facility. We’ve received some great information from both the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program and ComEd Smart Ideas that we’re happy to pass along, but I just recently came across an opportunity to get the information straight from the horse’s mouth. Both of these programs will be participating in the upcoming Business Ledger Newsmakers’ Forum. If you’re interested in how efficient management of your lighting, heating and cooling systems can produce real savings, you’ll want to mark this on your calendar.

The agenda says the discussion will be focused around small to mid-size businesses. They’ll discuss the rebate programs available for energy saving improvements. They’ll even provide tips on renovation vs. new construction and how to weigh your options.

For more information or to register, take a look at the event page. You’ll want to move quickly, though; the event is this week.