DLA at the 2023 IASBO Annual Conference

May 3 & 4

Visit our booth #920

Attend our following sessions…

Ed Wright will moderate Why Do I Need an Owner’s Representative? at 1:30pm on May 3rd

Summary: Gain information on the benefits of using an owner’s representative and review projects that have utilized an owner’s representative successfully. Also, review reasons why an OR may not be necessary.

Carrie Matlock will present If You’re Happy and You Know it, Clap Your Hands at 1:30pm on May 3rd

Summary: Productive teams, good health and a relaxed work setting may sound too good to be true! They all could be attainable with the strategies you will learn from this session. Don’t worry, be happy!

Carrie Matlock will present Critical Contract Terms for Construction Managers and Architects at 9:10am on May 4th

Summary: Explore critical contract terms with a panel consisting of an attorney, architect and construction manager. This session will dissect key areas such as: delays, supervision, claims, errors and omissions, allowance/contingency usage, as well as answer the question – When do you enforce the contract?

Brian Scully will present Supporting Student and Faculty Wellness in Existing Facilities at 9:10am on May 4th

Summary: Learn how school districts can significantly impact health and wellness – from the modest HVAC system upgrades to strategic student support space initiatives. Discover how simple operational interventions and design philosophies can be incorporated into existing procedures and projects in order to improve the bottom line, promote social-emotional learning and provide foundational building blocks for students.

Brian Scully will moderate Building Resiliency at 10:20am May 4th

Summary: This session will discuss sustainable land use, catastrophic event recovery and high-performance building topics, including envelope improvements, lighting, water use and renewable energy. Learn how to maximize capital improvements by leveraging investments and partnerships to enhance school.