What Might Schools Look Like in the Fall?

Catch Steve Wright in Franczek Webinar Symposium—Extreme School Makeover: Space Planning, Deep Cleaning, and Safety, Oh My!

Event Date: Thursday, May 21 at 12 p.m.

We may not know when society will open back up, but we can be relatively sure that when schools open again—hopefully, this fall—they will look different than in years past. This is the first of four webinars addressing the nuances of those differences. In this webinar, we will address the differences as they relate to the school physical plant. Whether schools educate students in staggered schedules or all at once with more focus on social distancing, school leaders must begin to think now about how to creatively address space expectations and other physical plant concerns to address whatever school may be next year. This session will focus on all the makeovers your school facilities need to seamlessly move into the new school year. Franczek attorneys Shelli Anderson, Nicki Bazer, Dana Fattore Crumley, Jennifer Smith, and Jackie Gharapour Wernz will be joined by special guest Steve Wright from DLA Architects, Ltd.

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