Co-Founder and President Bruce Dahlquist Celebrates Retirement

Founding partner Bruce Dahlquist retired on February 14th, the firm’s 34th anniversary.

This follows a 40-year career in architecture with a focus on education and recreation.

A Chicago native, Bruce attended Lane Tech High School. From here he went to University of Illinois in Urbana pursuing an engineering degree. It didn’t take long for Bruce to realize he loved design more than math and science. He soon made the switch to architecture. His career started in 1972 as an architectural designer with an international Chicago-based design firm. He returned to U of I to earn a Masters of Architecture degree in 1977.

Retiring firm president and co-founder Bruce Dahlquist and newly elected firm president Carrie Matlock.
Greg and Bev Cherry (retired)
Bruce Dahlquist and Eric Sickbert (DLA Architects, Ltd.)
Jim Castner; Peggy Dahlquist; Marsha Castner
Dwain Lutzow and Bruce Dahlquist (DLA Architects; Ltd.)
Peggy Dahlquist and Bruce Dahlquist with quilt of children’s drawings from students he mentored in School District U-46
Bruce Dahlquist (DLA Architects; Ltd.)

It was in 1983 when Bruce Dahlquist and his old Little League buddy Dwain Lutzow launched Dahlquist and Lutzow Architects.

Bruce has a knack for working and collaborating with clients, employees, and even students. He is passionate about teaching and mentoring, whether in the classroom or the conference room.

“Bruce was not only president of the firm, he was a mentor to me and many of my colleagues. Bruce was preparing me for his job long before I realized it, the true mark of a great teacher. Thanks for giving me the tools for a smooth transition and the honor of continuing your legacy,” said Carrie Matlock, the firm’s new president.

Inspired by his love of the outdoors, Bruce is a major supporter of Green and Sustainable Design. Preserving the integrity of the natural environment through the sensitive impact of the “built environment” upon nature is a benefit not all architects consider. He took any opportunity to design energy-conscious facilities while being mindful of cost and the client’s vision. Bruce also works actively for preservation. He respects the architectural legacy left behind by previous generations and is gratified by designing something that will be used and appreciated by current and future generations.

Noteworthy industry recognition includes: co-founding the Fox Valley Branch of the United States Green Building Council; Those Who Excel Award from the State of Illinois Board of Education; Community Service Award from the Illinois Parks and Recreation Association/Illinois Association of Park Districts; Illinois Historic Preservation Agency Certificate of Merit; Illinois Association of Historic Districts Certificate of Appreciation; Elgin Mayor’s Award; Elgin Image Award; and serving on numerous City of Elgin visioning committees including New Century Partnership for Elgin, Lords Park Task Force, City of Elgin Sustainability Action Plan, co-founding and serving on the Elgin Heritage Commission.

Bruce and his wife Peggy have four children and eight grandchildren. Having completed 2,000 projects in his career, he is looking forward to retirement. Bruce and Peggy are moving to Marco Island, Florida, where Bruce will indulge in his passions for fishing, photography, golf, travel, and cheering for the Chicago Blackhawks and Cubs.

Matt Lowe; Matt Stoub; Dave Dillon; and Rich Kocek (DLA Architects; Ltd.)
Bruce Dahlquist, Ed Wright, William Templin (DLA Architects)
Carrie Matlock and Bruce Dahlquist
Bruce Dahlquist and Lou Noto (DLA Architects, Ltd.)
John Dahlquist; Bruce Dahlquist; Paul Dahlquist
Dwain Lutzow (DLA Architects; Ltd.) and guests
Dr. Judi McInerney (Comprehensive MedPsych Systems, Florida), Lou Noto, Dwain Lutzow
Eric Sickbert (DLA Architects; Ltd.)
Ed Wright and Bruce Dahlquist (DLA Architects, Ltd.)