Why We’re at Greenbuild 2014

The other day our friends over at Andersen Windows (@AndersenCorp) shared why they are pumped to be exhibiting at Greenbuild. This provoked us to think about why we are excited to be at the conference.

At Greenbuild, we’re always learning

We’ve had a contingent in attendance for several years now and we always learn something new. The educational opportunities at Greenbuild are outstanding. With over a dozen sessions happening at a time, our strategy is to break out individually to see as many as we can. One of us might head to a session focusing on Green Schools, always near and dear to our hearts. Another takes on Policy & Energy, because topics like building codes or energy efficiency is something that we talk about every day at the office.

The Greenbuild Plenary Sessions are interesting, too. From Colin Powell to Hilary Clinton, the headline speakers offer incredible and unique insights into themselves and our world. The way buildings are designed has a deep and impactful connection with our environment; these speakers are so inspiring in how they connect our daily design decisions to global health and economies.

At Greenbuild, we connect

They say Greenbuild is the world’s largest conference dedicated to green building, and, judging by the crowds, we believe them! While the masses of people are daunting, it’s still possible to make a connection. Meeting other people who are passionate about sustainability, whether at the sessions, the mixers or on the Expo floor, is invigorating! It’s always exciting to hear what others are doing to save energy or resources and who can resist sharing the great projects we’re working on here at DLA? Greenbuild is an annual dose of exciting, green adrenaline that revives our crew to think about the design choices they make over the year to come.

In the Expo Hall at Greenbuild, we look forward to saying hello to the folks we know, like the USGBC, AIA, Autodesk, Interface, Saint-Gobain, and, of course, Andersen Windows. There are so many more to list, but if we don’t dig into this show, we’ll miss it. Will we see you there?

Recharging our level of GREEN #greenbuild

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