Green Classroom Professional Certificate

One of the workshops I participated in recently at the Illinois Healthy & High Performing Schools Symposium was The Green Classroom Professional Certificate  Program. It provided background on how to develop an environmental awareness, as well as identified opportunities to save energy and create a healthy environment for living and learning in the classroom. This would be a great opportunity for teachers and administrators to develop a working understanding of Green and Sustainable principles and how they relate to the classroom setting.

Preview a module from the Green Classroom Program

This course can be taken on-line; upon learning the information, a short test is given. Upon passing the test, the participants will receive a Green Classroom Professional Certificate, endorsed by the USGBC Center for Green Schools. This can be a valuable resource of continuing education for the staff, as well as contribute to their overall resumes and expertise.

The process costs $60. To find out more about it visit the Green Classroom Professional Certificate Program website (