Science Classroom Addition at

Harold L. Richards High School

A Space to Collaborate and Explore

The Science Classroom Addition provides 4 General Science Labs, 2 Prep Labs and 2 Chemistry Labs.
Critical to today’s science lab design is the integration of current technology. Each lab station has technology pedestals rising above the resin counter tops and has two adjustable arms with flat screen monitors. Wireless keyboards are located in compartments directly below the work surface for easy access and the CPU itself is incorporated into the casework along the perimeter of the room.

Demonstration Ready

Each teacher’s lab station has two audio/visual racks concealed in the casework. The racks are mounted on slides and rotate to facilitate future electronic and cable modifications. The racks house the controls for the sound system, DVDs, video projection and document camera demonstration equipment.

Integrated Energy Savings

Light fixtures are switched for multiple levels of illumination and are also controlled by motion sensors to conserve energy. In addition skylights were constructed in the corridors to minimize lighting requirements during the daylight hours.

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A 21st Century Education in an Existing School

A 21st Century Education in an Existing School

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