Improvements at all District Schools:

  • Hodgkins Elementary School,
  • Spring Avenue Elementary School,
  • Seventh Avenue Elementary School,
  • Ideal Elementary School, and
  • Gurrie Middle School

In response to growing enrollment, curriculum needs, and after-school activities, LaGrange School District 105 embarked on a two phase District-wide facilities upgrading initiative.  Long heralded as “A Great Place To Live, A Great Place To Learn,” the communities serving District 105 have witnessed enhancements at Ideal Elementary, Seventh Avenue Elementary, Hodgkins Elementary, Spring Elementary, and Gurrie Middle Schools.

Key improvements included: secure main entries at all schools; classroom remodeling and additions; upgraded and remodeled media centers; upgraded administrative spaces; and a gymnasium addition at Gurrie. The completed work is a representation of a collaborative approach between LaGrange School District 105 and DLA Architects aimed at creating the optimum environments for learning in the 21st Century.

A Focus on Fitness
Swimming in Style
Building on a Legacy
Catering to a Crowd
Scientific Learning Enhanced by Technology
Setting the Mood
Library with Spaces for Individual and Group Study
Engaging Environments that Enhance the Arts
Community Connections from the Ground Up
Creating Great Places to Learn
Taking the Future by Storm
A Gateway to Learning
Trojans Gain a Home Field Advantage
Rebels Rally to Garner Gold
Connecting with the Community
Merging the Past with the Present
Building Blocks of Learning
An Industrial Revolution
Vikings Show Their Pride
Form and Function Meet
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