Additions and Remodeling at Gemini Middle School, Niles, IL

Additions and Remodeling at Gemini Middle School, East Maine School District 63, Niles, IL received an Honorable Mention award for Excellence in the Design of Educational Environments from Illinois Association of School Boards

The jury gave top consideration to solutions to the stated educational program require­ments.

These were the 5 criterions:

  1. Program/Challenge – Functional relationships, special challenges met, community partnerships, context (urban/suburban/rural)
  2. How does the facility meeting 21st century educational environmental needs – Project based learning, integrated curriculum, integration of technology with curriculum, learning styles/multiple intelligences
  3. Design – Context, color, pleasant learning environment, age appropriate, furnishings
  4. Unique energy efficiency or Green features – Green power, innovative design
  5. Safety (NIA to renovation/rehab/special projects) – Passive security design, traffic patterns
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