Community Connections: 2014 Bloomingdale Park District Annual Fish Release

The Bloomingdale-Roselle Rotary Club co-sponsored the Bloomingdale Park District Fish Release at two park district ponds in Bloomingdale today. DLA was one of the sponsors of this annual event.

As a Rotarian, I appreciated the opportunity to participate. The lake that I was at had about 100 children and parents enjoying the outdoors and appreciating nature. The boys and girls scooped fish from large tanks into little plastic buckets, walked over to the pond, emptied their buckets, and watched as their fish swam away in to the darkness. Some of the children named their fish before they put them into the water.

Besides being there to keep their children from falling in the water or getting wet, this was a great chance for area moms and dads to connect with friends and neighbors they may have missed over this long, harsh winter. Common sights included strollers, coffee cups, dogs on leashes, etc. This was more than a fish release, it was a social event.

I am looking forward to next year already!