A Gateway to Learning

The Donald C. Parker Early Education Center

  • It started with a Plan

    Prior to expansion, the school was limited to offering a half day kindergarten program. The long time dream and vision of the Principal, however, was to offer a full day kindergarten program. This goal was the basis for the 8 classroom, Multipurpose Room/Cafeteria and Learning Center addition that would facilitate an all day program starting in 2011. 
  • Head of the Class

    The bright and colorful Classrooms feature space for active learning, encouraging the development of good work habits in a comfortable and visually stimulating setting. Restrooms in adjoining shared spaces provide convenient proximity to learning and play areas.

    Each new classroom is equipped with state of the art technologies that enable methods of teaching that are interactive for young learners. Fluid soffit lines and flooring transitions in bright hues define and divide the classrooms into interest/activity areas.
  • The Room of Many Colors

    The new Multi-Purpose Room, with a new Warming Kitchen, is a flexible environment that may be used as a Cafeteria during the day or as a Parent, Staff and Community Meeting area after school hours. The new Multi-Purpose / Cafeteria space is an area brought to life by playful geometries, energetic colors, and an abundance of natural light.
  • A Library for Young Learners

    In the new Learning Center, computer workstations and book stacks radiate from a centrally located learning area defined by a lowered circular ceiling.  The warm, bright color scheme complements the innate extroverted tendency of kindergarten aged children, therefore reducing tension, nervousness, and anxiety.  Playful geometries further inspire these young learners to explore their creative and imaginative perspectives. The Learning Center is an inviting space where young children are exposed to a variety of media and learning tools and where they are encouraged and motivated to explore the depths of their creative intuitions and fertile imaginations.