Client:Kankakee School District 111
Date:March 30, 2018

Reimagined learning spaces

Kankakee High School Renovation Phase 1

The renovations at Kankakee High School were not entered lightly. DLA started with a facility assessment to understand the existing conditions. While this was happening, the project team and district administrators investigated successful school communities around the globe and discussed how the facilities played a role in their programs. They also began gathering input from administrators, teachers, students, and community members to understand how the facility was being used and how that will be different in the future. After more than a year of planning and exploration, the program and design took shape.

Phase 1 will kick-off dramatic improvements that will result in a “virtually new” building tailored to match the instruction at Kankakee High School. From the street, the new entrance and parking will draw the eye. The added vestibule will help to make it more secure and noticeable.

The band and orchestra students will no longer have to commute to a remote location. Remodeled spaces will create a new band room, and the choir room will be updated. The auditorium will have a reshaped stage, plus ancillary spaces like a prop workshop.

The cafeteria will be transformed into a commons area and become the school’s main corridor. To accommodate an expanded culinary arts program, the commercial kitchen will function as a lab to educate students how to cook in the restaurant industry.

To better align with the District’s educational approach, the traditional classrooms will be reimagined. The new clusters of large and small meeting spaces, teacher meeting spaces, and labs will encourage collaboration and embrace technology.