Client:Lyons Township High School District 204
Date:May 31, 2012

Swimming in Style

South Campus Natatorium Addition

  • In Response to well-defined Needs

    The swimming pool fulfills a major curriculum and safety need for the District since safety swimming, particularly at the freshman and sophomore levels, was identified as a major program requirement. In addition, the pool at the District’s other Campus was small, overused and did not meet current depth codes for their diving and water polo programs; the fact that students had to practice and compete at other community pool facilities meant that many students were subject to extreme practice hours and competitions in empty facilities. The new Natatorium boasts a double length, six-lane swimming pool that maximizes program use for student and community members of all swimming abilities. The facility provides for advanced swimming, interscholastic swimming, diving and water polo programs as well as kayaking and scuba diving curriculums.
  • Designed to Compete

    The Natatorium gutter system design allows the water volume to remain constant so that the wave level is kept to a minimum. This technology creates a high competition environment that enables the swimmers to increase their speed.
  • Fully Accessible

    The easy access walk-in pool allows for special needs students and elderly community members to enter the pool without major assistance and provides an excellent training area for novice swimmers.
  • Part of the Community

    The two-story Natatorium entrance is designed to allow for individual student and community functions – allowing rentals and community use without access to the remaining areas of the school. It utilizes the existing, adjacent gym elevator and is linked to the new spectator balcony with a series of ramps suspended above the entrance lobby, which allows the space to be handicap accessible without having to construct a new elevator. The two-story glass fenestrations provide a unique view of the pool facility.
  • An Energy Saving Hybrid

    The pool dehumidification system is state-of-the-art, as it uses conventional mechanical equipment in an unconventional way; the system is a combination of the best portions of two different types of mechanical systems. In the summer months, the system operates like a heat pump, dehumidifying the pool area and recovering heat to heat the pool. An added benefit to this type of mechanical system is that the School District does not need to run the boilers during the summer to heat the pool. During the rest of the year, the system uses outside air to dehumidify the space and natural gas to heat the pool. This process should lengthen the life-cycle and reduce equipment maintenance. Essentially, this hybrid arrangement saves energy by utilizing each type of system when they are the most efficient.
  • An important part of an Overall Program

    Analyzing student, community and staff needs, the Project Team focused on three areas of program enhancements. Working within the curriculum of a 2 plus 2 high school program, several program needs were identified and developed into two major additions and a Performing Arts Center remodeling at the Freshman-Sophomore Campus. Physical education, interscholastic sports and community recreational needs were also identified as necessary program enhancements for this community school.