21st Century Learning Environments

Creating a 21st Century Learning Environments with Students at Crete-Monee School District

Our team recently brainstormed with students at Crete-Monee School District to develop the program for their new 21st century learning environments. Students were given color markers and encouraged to write their ideas, draw sketches and make color selections...
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USGBC Announces Top 10 States For LEED In 2014

Ridgewood High School Among Buildings Contributing to State of Illinois' Top LEED Ranking...
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Too Late for Pessimism at Greening the Heartland

Marge Anderson, executive VP of the Energy Center of Wisconsin, gave the opening keynote address at Greening the Heartland 2013. She concluded her remarks with the quote “It’s too late for pessimism.” It’s a reference that has been associated with sustainability advocates sin
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